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    Tea Bags: Herbal Blend, English Blend

    Intended use – Traditional/Advanced Micro dosing, macro dosing

    Total Dose – 5g (psilocybin mushrooms)/package

    Individual Tea bag – 1g psilocybin mushrooms + lose leaf tea blend

    Recommended Dosages & Effects: 

    1 bag : Laughter, audible effects, some altered perceptions.

    2-3 bags : Heightened sense, Visual effects, full on trip for most!

    4-5 bags : Intense trip, not for beginners!

    Instructions/Guide : 

    Start by bringing your water to a boil. (smaller amounts of water will be more potent with recommended dosages), allow the water to come down to a steeping temperature (no more bubbles).  Add in the desired amount of tea bags and allow to steep for 11-18 min before consuming.  For maximum effect, add lemon juice to the tea while it steeps along with ginger and honey.  The ginger and honey will help with digestion and nausea.